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If you are interested in developing yourself, your team, or your workplace culture you have come to the right place. We can offer a range of workshops, classes and training as well as individual one on one coaching.  Remember to sign up for our monthly health and wellness email, a great tool for your health and safety tool box talks.

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Who we are

Team Mental Health wellness coach resiliency development

Made up of active members of the emergency services, we recognized our acquired skills and team bonds could be transferred to other areas of the workforce. Strong teamwork and communication skills are crucial to a successful outcome on an emergency scene and are the fundamentals of a strong and positive work environment, team and culture.  

What we do


Utilizing the core principals of team work, communication, self development and resilience, we can tailor make a team building workshop to achieve cohesion within your workplace, or share our experiences around the mental health and well-being we have learned in our emergency service roles. Our consultants can work with you as an individual on your self development goals or act as an accountability coach to help you reach those goals that have created struggles in the past. 

Why use us ?


All the training and workshops we deliver come from real world experience, we are not your text book development company - we have never had text books to develop from. If you are after content and training delivered from a point of experience and learned the hard way please get in touch. 

Our Services

Health and Wellbeing


Health and Safety is a major area of focus for most workplaces, though does your workplace place too much emphasis on the safety and not enough on the health? Keeping current and up to date with the latest studies and techniques we can address this imbalance and work with you to ensure your team is healthy, both mentally and physically, and ready to give their best all day every day. 

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Team Building and Culture


The term team is used too often these days, most so called teams are just groups of people who work together and often not with the same values. In the world of fire fighters we go beyond the word "team", we are "family" and as such we refer to each other as brothers and sisters. While this can be difficult to teach, aligning values and working on the culture can allow it to develop and grow to ensure a strong team mentality and cohesion.  

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First Aid & AED Defibrillator Training


We offer a range of first aid courses to cater to all needs. These are skills we have utilised in our emergency service roles so can offer practical guidance through out the course and can promise it will not be death by power point. Our objective on all courses is to maximize the hands on training time.

We also offer AED - Automated Defibrillator Training. These are life saving pieces of equipment which anyone can use. Though they still hold mystery for some this training will instill the confidence to use one if the moment arises.

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Stop the Bleed


This course takes your first aid training to a whole other level. Governed by the American College of Surgeons, this will address major blood loss treatment and care. A staggering fact is that the #1 cause of preventable death after injury is major blood loss. This course lasting approximately two hours incorporates effects of blood loss, direct and indirect pressure as well as tourniquet application and usage. 

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Self Development and Accountability Coaching


If you are more interested in a no nonsense approach to self development we can work with you to plan out and reach your targets. We have worked with a range of clients both within New Zealand and internationally. Ranging from military personnel, mixed martial artists, executives, through to students, and those just wishing to level up in their lives. Accountability coaching while a relativity new thing is very old school in its execution. If you have goals you want to reach and know you will be challenged or have something that has eluded you in the past, take it to the next level and allow us to be your accountability partner. 

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Mental Health & Resilience


The stresses of everyday life are wearing each and everyone of us down a little more each day. It is becoming more important to look after ourselves and each other and to watch for warning signs of stress and fatigue before they become unmanageable.  Taking a proactive stance to address these issues in your workplace before they arise will help staff in ways you wouldn't think possible. Utilizing the latest research in positive psychology, resilience and neuroscience we can provide the tools and techniques to build and increase positive mental health and resiliency in your work place. 

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Costs on request


Unlike some off the shelf workshops, we tailor ours to suit the needs of your business. These usually begin a few days out from the workshop when we visit your workplace to discuss the content you want and need . A few hours on site watching the processes and speaking with staff will allow us to tailor the content to address the specifics discussed as well as any that stand out during this "360" visit. These workshops can be as short as a few hours or run over multiple days depending on your requirements. 

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Individual Coaching

Our coaches specialize in the areas of self development and accountability. Assisting with every thing from daily planning, routine setting, through to goal setting and long term development. If you require something more hardcore or have a specific goal or target that you are trying achieve we can be that extra incentive you need. We have worked with individuals and groups ranging from Military personnel in the U.K/America/Canada, Headmasters, MMA fighters, Construction workers, Fire fighters, students and everyone in between. Contact us for rates. 


We aim to offer training courses that are engaging, fun yet get the message across. We offer a range of First aid courses covering the basics, CPR, AED, and Stop the bleed training backed by the American college of surgeons. These additional courses take your personal skill set as well as that of your company to the next level. Most training can be squeezed in to  a few hours or any number of courses can be combined. Contact us for pricing.

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With front line ambulance training and a career in the fire service, SFA are our first aid trainers and suppliers of choice. 

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